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How to get funding for opening a business best loan offer

Working without a boss, implementing your own plans and visions – in a word, your own business – is the dream of many people who have very well defined their professional expectations. For most, the key to taking the first independent steps in the business world is finance, or rather the lack of it. It is difficult to start your own business when the wallet is empty, especially if the future business requires the involvement of people and the purchase of appropriate equipment.

However, this does not remove anyone from the list of potential business sharks. In addition to the idea, it is important to raise funds, which on the one hand may seem like an unattainable matter, and on the other, it is an opportunity that the vast majority can reach after all.

Wide possibilities to start


Contrary to appearances, obtaining money to start a business is not as difficult as it may seem, and even more limited to one option. Of course, for many, the first thought will be to get a loan from friends and family.

However, apart from the illusory feeling that it is a safe solution – it may turn out that along with this step we will cross out the good relations with our dear people. Better solutions include subsidies and loans, as well as the famous Business Incubators.


They have enjoyed unflagging interest for many years. Subsidies from the European Union implemented in the years 2007 – 2013 were the best offer of this type. Those interested could count on a non-returnable amount of approximately USD 40,000 and help in paying social security contributions.

Currently, not much is happening in this matter, a new project within the EU has not been outlined. However, you can still apply for a good subsidy from the Labor Office – this is about USD 20,000 

Preferential loans

Preferential loans

The best solution when it comes to loans is joining the government’s “First Business – Startup Support” program. The pilot plan, which has not been so busy until now, has a round pool of funds to be allocated. The beneficiary is 7 years old to pay back the contract, and the amount bears interest at only 0.44% per annum.

Importantly, high school and college graduates can apply for funds from this pool. The money obtained should be used to start a business or employ an unemployed person. The total amount you can count on is over USD 80,000.

Loyal bank customers who have so far obtained a positive verification rating can take advantage of individually prepared offers. In this case, the path depends on the characteristics of the bank and its loan plan. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get support in this way, especially if our current income is low or irregular.

Unique projects can count on the support of so-called business angels


Which are active entrepreneurs who support their clients in the long term? The idea has nothing to do with the so-called private loans, it is completely secure and legal. In other words, these angels invest in innovative ideas not only their financial resources but also are a kind of mentors.

There are several renowned institutions in Poland that associate people willing to take part in the program and invest in newly established companies. Entrepreneurship Incubators known for years that support technological projects operate in a similar way.

Searching for the best solution should be guided primarily by the specifics of future operations. If it has innovation and finds a niche on the market, there are many indications that getting financial support is only a matter of time.


Merging credits? Grouping your loans: smart!

What is it exactly?

What is it exactly?

If you want to aggregate your credits, does that mean that you only have 1 loan left? About. Suppose you have several loans. And you wish to open another one. Until you suddenly lose track of your payments and administrative formalities. Many families have multiple loans (with or without installments). This can be a mortgage loan, a green energy loan or something else. That usually varies per family. The point is, you want to avoid chaos. So your credit institution thinks along with you.

Therefore, most lenders and financial institutions offer you the opportunity to bundle your current repayment plans into a new loan. By combining credits , you can see the status of your loan and repayments at a glance . Useful! Interest will also be a lot lower, which will also play to your advantage.

“But what if my credits don’t all go to the same bank?” you may think. There is a solution for this: you can buy it off. Perhaps there are some – almost negligible – costs involved. But merging your credits is still a strategic move.

When is this of interest to you?

When is this of interest to you?

  • You have more than one loan
  • You would like to save on the costs that loans sometimes entail
  • You wish to change the monthly repayment amount
  • You need a clear overview of all your credits

Merging credits, how does this work in practice? Well, once you have submitted an application to your bank or credit institution, it will carry out an analysis. Are your credits held together in one central point? This usually concerns the National Bank of Belgium and your bank can quickly find out how much you pay monthly. And to which credits your repayments belong. Although it is wise to map out all your loans and credits beforehand. Also consider revolving credits, personal loans and other installment loans. Bundle them with your credit cards, mail order credits and outstanding lease contracts.

By combining the correct data, you gain clear insight into important parameters:

  • How much is that interest exactly?
  • Which remaining term applies?
  • What additional costs should you take into account?
  • What is the monthly installment amount?

Would you like to get a helicopter view of all these things? This facilitates the analysis and the application for your bank and at the same time offers you a reassuring feeling. Usually, a credit institution will also verify the status of your repayment capacity. Chances are she will check your payroll data for this. Based on this, a proposal is made with regard to the aggregation of your credits.

Do you need expert advice? Completely tailored to your profile? Please contact the Good Finance! We listen to and understand your wishes and needs like no other. We are happy to advise you and look for the most economical solution with you. This makes merging credits a real relief. So do not hesitate and reap the benefits of this financial solution today: contact us and request a proposal!

Whether that can be done with any credit? Well, that depends. Every financial institution has different conditions. But at the Vlaams Krediethuis we guarantee a flexible approach, completely tailored to your wishes and expectations. This way we ensure that you get the most out of your bank account!

And what if you do nothing? Do you have some current loans and wish to take out an additional one? All well and good, but if you have multiple loan types (one or more credit cards included) you may run into some problems:

  • Your monthly expenses are skyrocketing, which is obviously not a good sign
  • It is very easy – and perhaps tempting – to revoke past repayments of a revolving credit. Result: you will pay more interest and the amount owed will increase
  • Rates, interest rates, installment plans and the like are different for each loan. The main features may even be so different that you lose track

More about Good Finance

More about Good Finance

Are you planning to build or renovate? Are you dreaming of a new car, just because or because your previous vehicle failed? Did the weather gods cause disaster, damage to your home or one of your vehicles? Unfortunately, setbacks almost always cost money. And most of the time it is about more money than you immediately have available.

Whatever situation you are in, the Good Finance offers you tailored advice. In addition, you will always receive support regarding the options for different types of credit. The Good Finance is a recognized credit broker with headquarters in Willebroek. As credit experts, we are happy to work with you to find out which loans may be of most interest to you. You will receive clear and transparent information from us – without small print and therefore also without worries.


Small loan for retirees compared

Loans for retirees are practically excluded from home and car banks. Due to the old age and the mostly low pension, senior citizens are not considered applicants with a high credit rating.

Since the creditworthiness at the house bank is the only way of securing and this is not available to the extent requested by a pensioner as the applicant, the request is usually rejected. The free financial market offers a wide range of small loan offers for pensioners in comparison so that a cheap model can be found and targeted to the needs of the applicant.

Compare and choose favorable conditions

money loan

The free financial market does not force the applicant’s creditworthiness and therefore also enables a small loan if the applicant is a pensioner and therefore not an employee with a high and secure income. In order to choose a cheap offer and adapt the loan to the needs and financial possibilities of the applicant, various offers for small loans for pensioners should be compared.

Even long terms are not excluded in the case of small loans for pensioners in comparison so that the borrower can strive for repayment in small and affordable monthly installments. For security purposes, tangible assets or insurance, savings investments or other capital-forming products can be overwritten for security purposes. A guarantee from children or grandchildren, as well as from friends are not excluded from the free financial market and ensure that a small loan for pensioners is guaranteed compared to the house bank.

Also advantageous are the quick processing of the request, the approval within 24 hours and the prompt payment of the sum to the specified account of the applicant. Favorable interest rates, low fees and a fee-free change in the repayment rates within the term should be chosen.

Since the applicant does not know how his financial background is structured within the term at the time of looking for a small loan, a high degree of flexibility in the contract is an advantage and can prevent problems in repayment. A reduction or increase in the rates, but also a temporary deferral without additional costs proves to be the optimal side effect with a cheap loan and enables adaptation to all situations and unforeseen changes in the life of the borrower.

Numerous options for hedging on the free financial market

money financial

While the house or car bank only accepts creditworthiness and rejects other forms of protection, borrowers can convince on the free financial market with various types of collateral. Real assets and capital-forming insurance are accepted but also guarantees from relatives or friends.

It is important that the overwritten security is based on the loan amount and can thus be used by the lender in the event of payment problems. By comparing the numerous offers for a small loan for pensioners in comparison, it is easy to choose a contract that is suitable for the borrower and to decide on low-interest rates and the desired coverage.


What is a balloon loan?

What is a balloon loan? What is he about? Who can take a balloon loan for a car? You will get answers to these questions by reading an article on the increasingly popular method of financing the purchase of a new car.

A balloon loan and where can you get it? Who can take this type of loan? Answers to these questions can be found in the article on the popular form of financing the purchase of a new car, which is undoubtedly a balloon loan.

This specific type of loan is intended for the purchase of a new car

This specific type of loan is intended for the purchase of a new car

The principle of operation of a balloon loan is primarily a high balloon installment, which is incomparably larger than the standard installments we pay throughout the loan period. The balloon installment is the last part paid for the car and not is included in the calculation of the creditworthiness.

For example, if a car costs USD 60,000 and the last installment is 20% of this amount (i.e. USD 12,000 – balloon installment), the creditworthiness is calculated from USD 48,000. Then the monthly loan installments will also be lower. Let’s say we divide the repayment into 5 years or 60 months. Then, for 59 months, we pay the installment with interest calculated from USD 48,000.

The vast majority of new cars are sold in installments

The vast majority of new cars are sold in installments

A balloon loan is just one of several options for financing the purchase of a new car. For some people, it is the cheapest car loan. For whom? Well, this is the best solution for people who like good cars and want to change them often. This type of loan can be taken by both a natural person and an entrepreneur.

Balloon loan offers are usually found in car dealerships or specialized car banks. For example, one of such banks offers a balloon loan for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.

For the 24-month period, the last installment, i.e. the so-called balloon installment, is 50% of the car value, for a 36-month period it is 40%, for a 48-month period it is 30%. However, when you take out a balloon loan for 60 months or 5 years, it is only 20% of the car’s value.

To pay off the last and highest balloon loan installments we have several options. We can simply pay it in full or refinance – that is, spread over subsequent installments. There is one more way, however, very popular when it comes to balloon credit. Well, we can sell the car in a car showroom or exchange it for new ones.

Compared to regular car loans

Compared to regular car loans

A balloon loan can be much cheaper. However, this solution has several negative features. In addition to the fact that a large first payment is usually required from the customer, it is only granted to selected models. As you can guess, these are mainly models that sell poorly. This practice increases the sales of cars for which there is in fact not much demand.

Of course, there are several options for paying off balloon loans. The option presented here is only one of several. So-called 50/50 loans are also offered (i.e. the customer pays 50% of the vehicle value and the remaining 50% only after a year) or 30/30/30. However, it can easily be concluded that this is rather a solution for
more affluent people.


Company loan only on income

When running a company and optimizing taxes, we must take into account that banks will be reluctant to provide financing. This is because most ability calculations are based on income in other words, when we buy some items and are depreciated, our income decreases.

The costs associated with the company will reduce your income


And thus reduce your tax. Nobody likes to pay high taxes, that’s why there are banks that are not based on income and are interested in income, which is then converted into approximate income.

There are other situations where such financing will allow us to increase turnover or get larger contracts – such financing is based on the so-called forecast, i.e. the bank estimates to what extent a given loan will increase revenues.

Which banks calculate income based on income?

Which banks calculate income based on income?

Good Finance Bank – to assess creditworthiness, it needs an account statement for a period of 7 months together with documents such as PIT for the previous year and settlement for the current period depending on the form of settlement (KPIR, P&L, income tables, etc.).

This bank sends a monitoring inquiry where, with the best Credit Checker scores, it is possible to infer based on a turnover with no income recorded. To calculate the capacity, we need several data such as:

Net income = 100% (or 90%) * (X% * average monthly turnover – installments of liabilities – maintenance costs)

To calculate X%, we need average account turnover for a period of 7 months, corrected by cost adjustment in a given industry. And the converter when it comes to industries, we take for calculations:

  • 80% for public trust professions such as a doctor, notary public, bailiff legal counsel, etc.
  • 70% for financial or insurance service activities;
  • 60% for other service activities;
  • 50% for service activities in the construction and transport industry;
  • 40% for gastronomy, production, and retail;
  • 10% for wholesale trade;

The cost of living in the formula is based on the table depending on the number of people in the household and for 1 person we take about 1100 USD, 2 people are about 1820 USD, 3 people are 2750 USD, 4 people is 3440 USD and 5 people costs 4230 USD. Good Credit Bank – I will soon complete the description after verification.

E-Money Bank – this bank calculates income on the basis of income as well as the forecast or potential growth is included. Soon a supplement.


Loan free of charge and negative Credit bureau

“Nothing going on without moss” is an old, but still valid “wisdom”. However succinctly it is used, the financial situation of some consumers in Germany looks serious. The economic financial crisis is almost over, but there are still too many people who do not know how to use their hard-earned earnings to pay their outstanding bills. As experience has taught us time and again, the cost of living increases almost constantly over time – but not the salaries in an adequate manner. for a critique

So what do you do when, for example, the mobile pedestal gives up your mind and you can no longer take the daily commute to work? What possibility is there if one of the large electrical appliances at home no longer wants to work overnight? Washing machines or dishwashers etc. are no longer a luxury item – they can rightly be said – but almost indispensable consumer goods. Without having to get by, everyday life can be even more difficult than it already is for many people in financial emergency.

A loan with no upfront costs and negative Credit bureau can help

A loan with no upfront costs and negative Credit bureau can help

“As called …” it is not uncommon for a loan to come without any upfront costs and negative Credit bureau, because a need-based injection of finance in the form of outside capital can very well help to overcome financial bottlenecks and at the same time benefit from more flexibility. However, caution should always be exercised with regard to the hoped-for loan without upfront costs and negative Credit bureau.

Not only that most banks and credit institutions often have their loan offers paid dearly, especially for consumers with negative credit. The other conditions are not always particularly attractive, so flexibility and transparency are all too often neglected in this regard.

Loan without upfront costs 

In this regard, for example, the so-called Swiss loans are worth mentioning: loan offers in which the bank does not carry out a separate check of the financial situation of the prospective customers at Credit bureau. It should also be borne in mind that most of the credit providers in question are based abroad and are therefore difficult to reach if questions or problems arise. However, there is the possibility to use special comparison portals on the Internet, which can help to identify reputable providers of (Swiss) credit, which are characterized by a positive customer rating.

An equally promising solution is to take out a loan without Credit bureau. Here, too, there is usually no Credit bureau examination, although these offers are often expensive, not very flexible and only partially transparent. So if you are looking for a loan without upfront costs and negative Credit bureau, you should take as much time as possible in advance with the corresponding research work. As is well known, time is money – and you can save money by looking carefully for a loan without any upfront costs and negative negative effects.


2,000 USD loan for 2 years

Borrowers decide to take out different amounts of loans by spreading their repayment over a period convenient for them. However, one of the most frequently granted bank loans is a cash loan of USD 2,000 spread over the two-year loan period.

In which bank will such a loan cost us the least?

In which bank will such a loan cost us the least?

Considering a dozen or so different banks operating in our country, a loan of USD 2,000 spread over 24 installments may cost us differently. And so the cheapest will probably be in the bank of which we are already clients, and thus keep our personal account, credit card or pay the mortgage in it. However, it is worth checking the price of such a loan in other banking institutions.

Today, it is very easy to compare credit offers from various banks and even non-banking companies that grant loans. The APRC (actual annual interest rate) is used for this purpose, which, in addition to interest on the nominal loan, also includes other costs of the loan, such as commission, insurance, and even a preparation fee. When looking for the best loan offer on the financial market, it is best to suggest this indicator – the higher it is, the more expensive the loan.

A loan of USD 2,000 spread over 2 years of repayment

A loan of USD 2,000 spread over 2 years of repayment

It is the cheapest to give us a bank that most restrictively approaches the customer and places greater demands on the credit history accumulated in the Credit Information Bureau. If you have ever had a leg off when you pay back previous loans, so the installments were paid untimely, then we have nothing to count on the cheapest loan. Banks with the best cash loan offer don’t earn much on this product, so they don’t risk paying out money to unreliable customers.

The cost of cash loans can be significantly reduced by shortening the debt repayment time, i.e. the loan period. If such a loan is spread over 12 or 18 months, then the monthly installment will increase, but the bank will earn less on the loan granted.

On the other hand, by extending the repayment period (e.g. up to 36 months), our installment will decrease, the loan will be repaid longer, and we will give the lender more money from interest. It is best to shorten the loan term of each loan to a minimum, of course by choosing the installment amount to your real value
repayment options.


What Bank Will Grant Seaman Cash Contract Loan

Seafarers are a small but well-liked professional group by banks and this is due to their relatively high earnings. The specificity of their work looks different than in the case of standard employment because after departure they are at sea for some time, e.g. 2 months and then have a month off.

Banks do not see this problem, however, as long as such a contract has been around for a long time and there are remuneration transfers to a personal account. Salary can be transferred in any currency because shipowners are usually foreign companies with headquarters scattered around the world.

Which banks will grant a loan to a seaman?

Which banks will grant a loan to a seaman?

E-Money – requires that the contract has been for a minimum of 24 months. A full extract with receipts from the employer in 12 months and a seaman’s book with completed stamps are needed.

Inflows can be in USD or in another currency and E-Money grants loans up to USD 180,000 gross and for a maximum period of 120 months. The process is not difficult and calmly such clients go through. Terms and conditions depending on the current promotion are good.

In order, we need PIT or a statement from the Tax Office on the achieved income (if we do not settle in PL then smaller amounts can do without this document based on receipts and contracts only).

An account statement for 12 months

An account statement for 12 months

Together with contracts for this period is required. Contracts, if they are in a foreign language, should be translated, but sometimes it can be bypassed by translating this document with the bank’s advisor.

Good Finance – the contract must be at least 24 months with receipts directly to the bank account. If the invoice is credited less frequently than every 3 months, the application from the machine goes to the headquarters where the decision-maker is on the analyst’s side. Net income is calculated on the basis of transfers from the last 12 months. Available amounts are the same as for other offers, i.e. max USD 200,000 for 120 months.

Good lender – the bank calculates the minimum duration of such employment from entries in the seaman’s book and cannot be less than 24 months. Additionally, in the last 12 months, there may not be breaks longer than 6 months and the signed contract may not be shorter than 6 months ahead. Available amounts for seafarers are up to USD 200,000 for 120 months.

Good Credit – for this bank, the minimum employment period is 12 months and this is checked on the basis of depictions and depictions from the seaman’s book. Earnings certificate is required for a period of 3 months and for this 3 confirmation of inflows, e.g. bank statements, postal orders. Good Credit grants loans up to USD 150,000, however, the experience is simplified up to USD 100,000 gross, i.e. about USD 90-95,000 depending on the current offer.

I am a sailor but I don’t know where to get a loan?

I am a sailor but I don

Hitting here may appear questions about the process and possible hints where the chances are the best for a loan. Of course, I will gladly help because I prepared this text based on my own experience with such clients. I don’t live by the sea and yet I was able to prepare and help with getting a loan for several sailors.


What you need to apply for a loan?

You can apply for a loan if you are over 18 years of age, citizenship, have Internet access and have an individual bank account with a bank operating in the country. To apply for a loan, you must also have a valid ID. When filling out the application, we will ask you for your phone number registered in the cellular network operating in the country.

We have no upper age limit for the borrower.

Why do I need to provide my personal ID details when applying for a loan?

Why do I need to provide my personal ID details when applying for a loan?

We will ask you to enter the series and ID number, as well as to provide the date of issue. The expiry date of the document will be filled in automatically, which you can see on the screen of the device on which you will apply for the loan.

Data from the ID card: series and number as well as the date of issue and validity are needed to check your data, among others in external databases. That is why it is important to keep your ID document up to date. Make sure the expiration date has not yet passed. Otherwise you will not be able to complete the application.

What should I do if an error occurs while completing the application?

What should I do if an error occurs while completing the application

If after completing the “Data” form an error message was displayed: We do not know this name. Make sure you enter them correctly as spelled in your ID card or contact us.

Check if:

  • you entered the first / last name in uppercase
  • you used characters correctly
  • you didn’t use diminutive
  • you kept the spelling exactly as in your ID card.

It may happen that your name is rare and we cannot verify it. In this case, please contact the consultant urgently, who will help solve this problem while completing the application.

Is an income certificate required when applying for a loan?

Is an income certificate required when applying for a loan

When completing income data, please enter truthful information. By default, we do not require employment certificates or documents confirming the amount of earnings that you will declare when applying for the first loan.

We reserve, however, that there may be situations in which we ask you to document your income. Then you will need to send additional documents. You will learn about it by phone and our employee will give you detailed instructions during the conversation.


88,000 dollars loan for self-employed – even from 887 dollars

If you are self-employed and need a $ 88,000 loan for the self-employed for private purposes, you will quickly reach your limits. There are many banks that do not lend to the self-employed.

The reason that the self-employed cannot prove a secure income. If there is a provider for a USD 88,000 loan for the self-employed, the credit check is very strict.

Why a loan for self-employed people is so difficult 88,000 USD

Why a loan for self-employed people is so difficult 88,000 USD

A $ 88,000 loan for self-employed is only approved after a strict credit check. Unlike employees or civil servants who can prove their creditworthiness with a pay slip, the self-employed have no such evidence. They are often dependent on their customers’ payment behavior. If they don’t pay, they don’t get any income.

This makes it difficult to pay a loan for the self-employed at $ 88,000. If the self-employed get sick, they will not be covered by the safety net of continued wages. This is also known to banks, which leads to the hesitancy of lending.

With a USD 88,000 loan for the self-employed, lenders have neither medium nor long-term planning security. That also makes it so difficult to get a loan for the self-employed. Nevertheless, the banks are showing a reversal, because there are more and more providers who specifically offer a loan for the self-employed at 88,000 USD.

This is how it works with the 88,000 USD loan for the self-employed

This is how it works with the 88,000 USD loan for the self-employed

Reputable lenders will absolutely comply with the requirements of the legislator. Although the credit check is stricter than for an employee, many direct banks agree to provide a special USD 88,000 loan for the self-employed. However, a number of supporting documents must be submitted.

On the one hand there are business evaluations (BWA), balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and income tax assessments. Business contacts and orders are also often asked. The banks are concerned with determining their financial status, their income and their creditworthiness in general.

So an income should be sufficient, which is above the statutory garnishment exemption limit. If the self-employed person has a bad Credit Bureau or if it is determined that there are already direct debits in the current account, no self-employed person receives a USD 88,000 loan.

The loan from private to private

The loan from private to private

A new type of lending has been emerging for some time. Crowdfunding or P2P loans. These are private loans that investors provide to loan seekers. To invest your money profitably, you calculate interest. A loan for the self-employed is often easier to obtain than from a regular bank.

The investor alone decides whether or not to trust the loan request for a loan for the self-employed at 88,000 USD. Of course, the creditworthiness must also be proven here and information answered. However, many of these private individuals often do not have the time or even the training to read all the documents carefully. What is important with these loans is the trust that the investor builds on the loan seeker.

Find a cheap loan with a loan comparison

Find a cheap loan with a loan comparison

If you want to have a cheap and affordable loan for self-employed 88000 USD as a self-employed person, you should make a loan comparison. The credit comparison from Centi Loan Lender is free and non-binding.

The loan seeker can then not only identify the providers who give a 88,000 USD loan to the self-employed, he can also immediately exclude the expensive offers. With a loan comparison, the customer not only sees the interest rate, but also the loan rate and the term.

If a good offer is found, the loan application can be made directly via the comparison. The self-employed should not pay attention to the interest rate level when requesting a loan, but also whether special repayments are allowed.

What do these few loan offers show?

What do these few loan offers show?

These few loan examples clearly show how the interest rate and the term change the credit rate for loans for self-employed people at 88,000 USD. In order to get a cheap loan, a loan comparison should therefore be made. As for the credit rate, it should always be chosen so that it adapts to the income.

A good precaution, especially for the self-employed with an uncertain and fluctuating income. In view of the fact that the self-employed suffers from a disease and there is no income at all, a credit installment should remain affordable. Here you may have the option of residual debt insurance.

Bad Credit Bureau – the loan?

Bad Credit Bureau - the loan?

Loan seekers with poor Credit Bureau can switch to the Credit Bureau-free loans from abroad. But this form of credit is secured by the customer’s income and it has to be so high that it is above the garnishment-free limit.

The prerequisites also include a permanent job, which the self-employed person also does not have. Therefore, this type of loan is not given to the self-employed. However, a second borrower or a guarantor could also ensure that a Credit Bureau-free loan is created.

But if these people agree to sign the loan agreement, a loan from a German lender could also be successful.